Driving in race circuit

You can experience a car driving in the famous F3 Serres racing circuit. An unforgetable experience suited for you, through a variety of custom made cars. You have also the option of truck driving with the guidance from a professional racing instructor.

Riding a motorbike

Experience the speed of a motorbike racing in the F3 Serres racing circuit. You can feell the adrenaline of motorcycle and test your limits with the guidance of a professional instructor.


Feel the kart driving competition with your friends in the international standards Serres kart circuit, right next to the F3 Serres racing circuit.

Enduro - Motocross

Using our Hacienda Verde as starting point you can live the ultimate experience of enduro riding in the demanding (and harsh) terrain of the local mountains. You also, have the option to breathe the pine trees in a casual enduro ride. City of Serres, actually, hosted few years ago the "Six Days" race, a demanding and highly esteemed enduro event.

Pricing list

Race 450€ per course per day
Motorbike 600€ per person with equipment
Kart 2€ per lap
Enduro 300€ per day

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