Riding a motorbike

CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL (CSS) purpose is to prompt motorcyclists to Discover the Art of Cornering TM by offering a complete educational set of techniques that can be used by all types of motorcycles and all ages of riders. Our unique training program is composed by series of theoretical and practical sessions, in which the rider gains the necessary understanding that will built up his/her confidence to drive his/her motorcycle with safer and with more control.

Keith Code in 1979, started CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL after a successful and distinctive career in a variety fields. With over 45+ years of teaching experience, over 280,000 motorcyclists have sat in our classrooms. Our step by step approach aiming in understanding based on the student needs and the high service standards of Teams around the world have been a trademark to all the branches around the world.

CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL in Greece was founded in 2011 based on love of motorcycles and the educational fulfillment the School offers. We believe that CSS is a premium educational service that can change and hopefully save a motorcyclist’s life. Our goal is to deliver an error-free knowledge and to enhance the rider’s riding skill and safety. Out branch is the fourth in the world and operates in four countries: Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Turkey.

PRIVATE COACHING: This is as intense as it can get. One-to-one with a coach like the MotoGP riders are trained. Private Coaching is the most effective method to get the desired results based on your personal needs and a first look to the Art of Cornering. You and your coach will create together a program that will meet the target of day based on your experience and demands. Continuous valuable feedback and corrections of your riding almost guarantee the results.

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