• Chalkidiki

    500 Hotels - 1000 Restaurant

  • Amphipoli

    1 Hotels - 3 Restaurant

  • Lake Kerkini

    3 Hotels - 5 Hiking

  • Mount Athos

  • Olympus


Mount Athos

Mount Athos (Agio Oros in Greek) is a peninsula dedicated to virgin Mary, where no women are allowed. A holy and spiritual destination, full of Byzantine treasures, just an hour and a half away from Hacienda Verde.

  • Ticket for the boat and for staying in the monastery
  • 1h 30min
  • Good350 Reviews9.1


Just one hour far from Serres. You can visit the beautiful beach of Ammolophoi with the white sand and bright blue water. The bars are fully equiped and can provide you drinks, food, watersports and of course parties and fun.

  • 1hour
  • Superb350 Reviews9.0

Mount Olympus

Hike or climb on the mountain of Gods, residence of almighty Zeus. A difficult test only for sports types. It travels by consensus and weather.

  • 2 or 3 days
  • Snacks
  • Coffee
  • Accomodation
  • Depending on the availability of shelters and the weather
  • 2hours
  • Superb350 Reviews8.9


A must go destination for anyone who visits North Greece in summer, some of the best beaches of Greeece are scattered across Κassandra and Sithonia, the two peninsulas of Chalkidiki.

  • Includes bus or car
  • Snacks
  • Coffee
  • Sea food in front of the sea
  • 2hours
  • Superb350 Reviews9.7

Sailboat Cruises

Book your cruise to northern Aegean sea, after you choose a sailboat and a skipper if necessary.

  • Depending on the availability of the weather
  • 2hours
  • Superb350 Reviews9.8


Near Greek-Bulgarian borders lies Agkistron, a small village blessed with mineral hot springs. You can enjoy a hot hamam experience in small pools. A must have experience to cleanse your body and soul.

  • Snack
  • Tickets
  • Transportation
  • Private area for 4 to 5 people inside the hammam
  • 2hours
  • Superb350 Reviews9.4

Pricing list

Lake Kerkini (boat ticket not included) 200€ per person
Mount Athos (min 3 days) 100€ per person per day
Amphipoli Tomb (entrance ticket not included) 200€ per person
Ammolophoi 150 € per person
Mount Olympus (allowance depends on weather conditions) 300€ - 400€ per person
Chalkidiki (snacks, coffee, food included) 300€ per day
Sailboat Cruises 399€ - 599€ per day
Hamam (snacks included) 115€ per person

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