Hacienda Verde

The paradise of Hacienda Verde is located in a magnificent location next to the city of Serres, just 90 km north of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. Our city is considered by motorists as a motorized destination, because of the F3 Serres Racing Circuit, where auto and moto races are held, races that characterized as having high standards.

Feel at home


Our breakfast is served according to your preferences and cravings. You can also taste some of our local breakfast dishes and enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast.

Lunch & Dinner

You can order your meals, according to your preferences, or even try our traditional recipes. Our chef will be at your disposal and will prepare the best lunch and dinner for you. Drinks from our Local wineries and breweries will also be available, watching the amazing view of our city and it's flat land.


Professional massaeurs and physiotherapists could propose different kinds of massage, in order to relax.

Sports & Activities

The yard of Hacienda Verde can offer you multiple activities, such as basketball, ping pong, batmington, footbal, rackets or trampolino in order to something fun. For those who seek adrenaline in their spare time, there is a small moto cross circuit right next to the villa yard (extra charging). You can also enjoy yourself by playing cards, play station or watching a movie in TV.

Jacuzzi - swimming pool

The swimming pool and the jacuzzi are synonymous to the ultimate relaxation and privacy during your stayig. They are available 24/7. The water of the pool is cleaned with ozon in order to ensure your health status.

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